Air Essentials Air Freshener & Odor Neutralizer Gel Bead Refill – Odor Eliminator – Made with Pure Essential Oils… Price: $37.95 (as of 27/09/2022 03:30 PST- Details)

MADE WITH PURE ESSENTIAL OILS – Air Essentials Air Freshening & Odor Neutralizing Gel Bead Refill contains only plant derived ingredients and a blend of pure essential oils. Each jar provides a pleasant fragrance that does not overwhelm the senses. The Gel Beads will work 24/7 for up to 60 days in up to 400 square feet.
MADE IN THE USA – Air Essentials Gel Beads do not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetics, alcohol or phthalates. Every jar is proudly Made in the USA and is formulated with plant derived ingredients. Eucalyptus Mint is a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils.
NEUTRALIZE RECURRING ODORS – Freshen your home, office, car, RV, and boat safely with plant derived ingredients and pure essential oils. The Gel Beads will neutralize odors from smoke, garbage cans, pet areas, food, cooking and anywhere recurring odors are a problem. Pour the Gel Beads into an existing Air Essentials 12 ounce jar or your favorite vase or bowl for added decoration.